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What are you up to?

It's busy!

-final mix happening for the film "How We Ended Us" that I scored with my longtime pal Mike Shields

-Knee deep in a new record with Jann Arden

-upcoming productions with Drake Jensen, Kue Varo

-just wrapping up mixes on Art Bergmann "ShadowWalk" for Weewerk Records

-thrilled to announce the Jann Arden's "Descendant" has received a JUNO nomination for Adult Contemporary Album of the Year

-produced  and mixed "The Truth Don't Lie" for season 16 of CBC's "Heartland", working with the cast was amazing, and The Lovebullies did a great job too!

-wrote, produced and arranged a ton of music for JANN "Alone For The Holidays" for CTV/Roku

new songs coming down the wires from AEM, Kadooh, Kyle McKearney, Drake Jensen, Chixdiggit!, Jann Arden, Ricky Diamonds, Kue Varo, Carolina East, JJ Voss

-produced 3 acoustic tracks for the 25th anniversary release of Jann Arden's "Happy" album

-Kyle McKearney/Don Amero duet "Let 'Em Lie" is out now, as well as Kyle's newest single "Grandfather" that we recorded out at The Warehouse in Vancouver

-Working on new music for Chixdiggit!, Carolina East, Matty K, Art Bergmann, AEM, Kue Varo

-mixing score for Fireman Sam and Sonic The Hedgehog

-Jann Arden "Descendant" is out now on Universal Music. Russell and Jann co-wrote 5 songs on the album, produced 10 tracks together, and had the amazing Bob Rock mix everything.

-Produced and mixed a cover of "Hunger Strike" for my friends Kyle McKearney and Jason McCoy as a fundraiser for Canada Food Banks

-wrapped up mixes for the Bend Sinister Christmas album "A Very Sinister Christmas"

-played guitars on the new live Jann Arden release "Jann Arden On Stage"

-added some guitars to the new Conjure One(Rhys Fulber) track "Animals-Stripped"

-wrapping up production and overdubs on a new album with Sonia Deleo

-Knee deep in scoring season 3 of JANN for CTV/Hulu

-Mixing score for my uber talented pal Mike Shields for new seasons of Tribal (APTN), Polly Pocket (Mattel) and Fireman Sam (BBC)

-produced a song for the series Joe Pickett (Paramount Pictures), featuring actor David Alan Grier on vocals.

-working on edits for a vinyl release of Art Bergmann's "Late Stage Empire Dementia"(Weewerk Records)

-produced and mixed Jann Arden performing the Paul McCartney track "Lavatory Lil', as part of the release of Paul McCartney's latest album.

-recording guitars for the upcoming album by Martin Page, most well known for writing the hits "King of Wishful Thinking" (Go West), "We Built This City" (Starship) and "Fallen Angel"(Robbie Robertson). I had the privilege of playing on Martin's previous record "In The Temple Of The Muse"

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