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YYC Popcast Interview May 2021

On this weeks episode, the music geek in me was beyond excited to do a roundtable chat about the craft of songwriting, producing, composing, and being a musician, with the Juno award winning, and
fellow albertan, Russell Broom and our talented friend Rena Kozak.
Russell and Rena chat about the joy of wearing so many different hats when it comes to creating and helping others to make music, how to navigate producing tracks in genres that arent their go to’s when listening to music, and what they put on when they want to hear a favourite song!

Calgary Herald speaks to Art Bergmann

 "The album was recorded in two Calgary studios: Lorrie Matheson’s Arch Studios and Russell Broom’s The Broom Closet. Broom, who co-produced the album, also provides much of the stunning guitar work on the record, which also includes contributions from Calgary expat Paul Rigby, Neko Case’s guitarist and writing partner who also played on The Apostate."


Track By Track: Art Bergmann's Late Stage Empire Dementia

“Doesn’t it sound like a semi going down the icy highway? I think of those highway cameras when I hear that song, and huge semis fucking sliding down the freeway. Mrroww. Russell, oh my God, I can’t say enough about him. He’s a fucking master, genius musician. I’m so lucky.”
Beyond being a genius musician, Broom is grounded, helping the mercurial Bergmann be so as well. “He is totally business-like; gave me a few lectures. He apologized for them after, when I got the message.” Which was? “Basically, calm down. And treat other people with respect. I’m bad that way.”