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what do I do all day?



We make records. We can do it remotely, all in the same space, we can come to you. We do it a lot, and we have fun doing it! Recently we've made them for 
-Jann Arden
-Art Bergmann
-Jason McCoy
-Kyle McKearney
-Jeffrey Straker
-Carolina East

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Original Music

We make things up. Songs, jingles, music cues, library music....we've done lots of it and love doing it! Russell won the 2002 JUNO Award for "Songwriter of the Year" with Jann Arden, and has had music featured in shows such as
-Dawson's Creek
-The Kelly Clarkson Show
-Whatever Happened To...
-Canada Heritage Minutes

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Guitar Sessions

Guitar is still my first love, and we can do remote sessions from my studio anytime! Vintage Gibson and Fender guitars, vintage Fender and Matchless amps, running UAD Apollo Hardware into Pro Tools with ribbon, condenser and dynamic mice to choose from. A few artists I've performed or recorded for include Jann Arden, Ian Tyson, Jason McCoy, Art Bergmann, Martin Page, Brett Kissel, Mackenzie Porter, Mariel Buckley, Chip Taylor, Johnny Reid, Colin James, Tom Cochrane, The Rankins, Leeroy Stagger, Robbie Williams, Josh Groban, Lindsay Ell, Sykamore.....

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Music Consulting/Workshops

Need some feedback on your music? 

Workshops for schools, universities and colleges, music stores? From band class workshops in junior high and high schools to guitar workshops to a recent series of career, production, guitar and songwriting workshops at Grant McEwan University, let's figure something out!

 Proud to be included in the SongChecks roster! For mix/song feedback and consultation, hit the link below!

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